Vita Health Care is now partnered with neuroCare Clinics Australia, offering personalised programs using state-of-the-art neuromodulation techniques on the Mornington Peninsula.

These programs can be a suitable option for children or adults who have not responded to other interventions for the treatment of (e.g) ADHD, sleep disorders, depression and or OCD symptoms.


QEEG Assessments (Brain Mapping)

A Quantitative EEG assessment is a type of “brain mapping” which allows our practitioners to more accurately assess brain functions to address symptoms of mental disturbances. The results of the QEEG allow us to find a treatment most likely to be effective to treat ADHD, Depression, OCD or sleeping problems.

Actigraphy Sleep Assessments

Sleep plays a big role in our mental health, which is why we conduct an “Actigraphy” assessment to measure factors which may impact sleep efficiency. Our research and clinical experience shows that a client is more likely to respond to their treatment if an underlying sleep problem has also been addressed.

Neurofeedback programs for ADHD and Sleep Disorders (Children and Adults)

Neurofeedback therapy can be a safe and sustainable way to help children or adults with ADHD without the need for medication and its associated side-effects. Therapists at neuroCare only adopt protocols which are backed by leading scientific research and use state-of-the-art assessment tools to personalise the program to the individual. Neurofeedback rewards the brain for changing its activity to more appropriate patterns. In this way, the learning process is then sustained after numerous sessions for long-term benefit.

TMS Programs for Depression and OCD

Magnetic Stimulation therapy is now available in Australia and is a safe and recommended treatment for people with Depression who have not responded to other therapies (e.g. medication). Therapists at neuroCare use an approach which combines TMS and Psychotherapy, scientifically-proven to be more effective than either therapy alone.

To learn more about neuroCare programs contact us for futher information.

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